Friday, June 5, 2009

A Special Thank You

This is just to let each of you know that I wouldn't have done any of this had it not been for a dear person who helped me arrive at a place in my life that I really didn't ever want to be. I spent too many years having a condition that I was fighting to ignore and hope away.

Thank you Becky Andrews, LPC, who went through back doors as a therapist to get me to where I could accept myself with Chiari and my future whatever it brings. She is the reason I started blogging, she's the reason I agreed to setting up this Utah Chapter, she's the reason I know I can live even with Chiari and continue forward with a goal to help others. I didn't trust her as a therapist, I didn't believe she could get me to pull things out of myself and talk about them. When I looked at her as a therapist I couldn't, when I believed her to be a friend it was like flowing water.

I told her once that she'd never be able to get me to open up. She said "Oh, I have ways". She was right. Ya know, it's funny - and she may never know this. But she brought me even higher than ever just over this past week. "Little Miracles". I'm sitting here deep in thought - "She did it - boy - she really did it". She made it so I don't mind going to sleep at night, because waking up in the morning even if there are more mornings where I feel bad still than there are good, I like waking up. Thank you Becky. Thank you!

P.S. Do not judge my spelling. Too many surgeries and brain injeries and I just can't do it very well any more. I don't care, it could be worse. LOL

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Karen said...

Kelly, it was great to talk to you. I am looking forward to meetin you in person!