Sunday, August 9, 2009

We're meeting

Hi everyone, I have set up Aug. 18, 2009 at 7:00 to be our first meeting. I am planning to confirm where within the next few days. Please make plans to be there. I'm not going to change the date unless no one RSVP's. I've already heard from two through Face Book. Please let me know one way or another if you can make it. I'll post the place as soon as it's confirmed.

Please leave a comment so I can know.

Thank you to all who have expressed the desire to help. This is the reason I've decided to try once again to set up this meeting. We are not going on anyone elses time frame, we are going on what' best for us. Please be there. If I need to change it to get more people will I may consider changing it one more time. But - I can't keep doing that or it will never happen. So - let's all work together to get here on the 18th.

Thank you


suzanne said...

I really admire what you are doing.
I would love to help, in anyway that I can. i myself am having surgery on August 27th. I was wondering if we were meeting tonite but it looks like a no.
what else can we do?

suzanne said...

WE are going to have a garage sale this weekend would you be interestedin throwing a garage sale with the remainder things left?Maybe the others would throw in somme things of their own and have it another nite of their choosing and the remainder items could be used for funding and those who don't have insurance or really need help?